A Little About Us...

A family owned business, DS Welding is a small but effective company dedicated to excellence. Targets for shooters, from shooters, does make a difference. The DS Welding target(s) and systems are specifically designed to provide the maximum safety, ease and practicality of set-up,as well as long life. Our targets are built to last. We are very proud to have been the official target manufacturers of the Steel Challenge from 1998-2004. We have made the targets for the Smith and Wesson International Revolver Championship as well as various Law Enforcement Agencies.
Bounty Hunter, a former match director and credible source of verification for Cowboy Action Shooting Information in many areas, is a non-paid endorser of our products. He has readily agreed to speak with any clubs (or representatives) if his, or other of our client testimonials, don't convince you that we produce the best targets out there!. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Good Shooting on good targets.

Happy Shooting!!!

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