"Another DS Welding Original"
The New Cowboy Falling Plate Rack

5 armor cowboys aprrox. 10" x 18 " Easy rope reset
for quick resetting to use again and again...
Breaks down for ease of transportation and storage.

$1,350.00 ea.

Other shapes available, just tell us what you want.

Single Cowboy Knockdown

Shot at New Mexico State Championships and at EOT 2007 to present!
Read about them in the July 2007 issue of the Cowboy Chronicle.

Rope resettable target. Easy breakdown for
transportation and storage. Target made of
armor and is approx. 10" x 18".
Different shapes available.

$250.00 ea.

"When SASS was looking for knock-down targets for Founders Ranch and END of TRAIL, DS Welding was the clear choice. Simply, DS Welding has the best knock-down target on the market today."
-Coyote Calhoun, SASS Marketing Director (aka Lamar Shelnutt) SASS #201, and Hipshot, SASS #7

New Design Versatile Armor "Gong"

Perfect for your pistols, leadshot, 223, 308 and
30.06 Gong is a 10" target that sings and
swings when hit.

$155.00 ea.

$195.00 ea. for 1/2" thk. target

Presenting DS Welding's
Avenging Vulture

End of Trail 2004 to present!
650+ Shooters, 6500+ Rifle Rounds. Target descends towards
shooter when rifle release is triggered. Target
moves 30 feet at a fairly quick descent. Not a
small target but a big hit at every End of Trail!
Call for details and current price.

Self Resetting Shotgun/ Rifle Target

3/8" thick 8" Armor Plate Circle,
Removable legs, dual spring reset
Colored flag appears to show hits

$185.00 ea.

DS Welding's Famous Tombstone Racks

Perfect for a Man on Man competition.
Racks have 5 plates that get smaller in size as they are knocked down.
Tie Breaker Cross-Over Poppers determine winner by who knocks first one down.
Removable legs for easy transportation & storage.

  • One Tombstone Rack Resettable $1450
  • Set of Cross-Over Poppers $400
  • Complete Set: 2 Racks and Pepper Poppers $3150

BIRD/CAN THROWER A DS Welding Original!

Throws standard skeet, 1,2 or 3 at a time.
Launches cans approx. 15' and skeet approx. 10'.
So much fun!



"All Aboard" Train set - 5 Targets $400.00
"DS Express" with 3 Targets $240
Train Targets are also available separately

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