Customer Comments

"I went back in the club records and found that we ordered your "Gauntlet" package in June of 2001. After more than a decade of use, except for a few very minor rust spots, we shoot steel during the rainy season(Hawaii), everything is still in excellent shape. Great product, very durable. I look forward to shooting the new targets."
Yours Truly, Keith Kawamoto, Mid Pacific Pistol League (MPPL)

"You will not find a better target anywhere. I bought the segmented pistol target and was so impressed that I bought two more for christmas gifts. Don't spend any more money on flimsy targets. DS makes a quality product at a very reasonable price. After hundreds of rounds they still look new. No dents or dings even on the frame with .45acp. The base is sturdy and there is no need to stake it in the ground, even in high wind. What a quality product."
Bill, Texas

To the fine folks at DS Welding, We shot our new Bird/Can Throwers this weekend and everybody loved them. They are incredibly well designed and equally well made. Best of all, they really do throw a can of diet soda! Our club had a great time watching those soft drinks cans simply explode. The targets set easily and throw very consistently. We highly recommend them! Diamond Lilly, Mississippi Peacemakers

"When SASS was looking for knock-down targets for Founders Ranch and END of TRAIL, DS Welding was the clear choice. Simply, DS Welding has the best knock-down target on the market today."
Coyote Calhoun, SASS #201 and Hipshot , SASS #7
Lamar Shelnutt
aka Coyote Calhoun
SASS Marketing Director

This is a review from Scott La Rue.

"DS Welding Steel Targets are excellent!!

I have been shooting DS steel targets every weekend for at least 6 years, probably longer.

From a cost point of view, you cannot find equipment like this at any cost.

This is the only piece of equipment that has lasted this long. Everything else in my shooting gear has been replaced. The drill is walking out once, not every line break, not 100-200-300 yard walks, just set up once and shoot. I usually drive them out and set up 2 or 3 different DS targets. shoot more walk less. A can of spray paint is a lot less than shoot-and-see targets with the same feed back.

I strongly recommend these targets. Any caliber, Any time.

Thank you for a great product."

Scott LaRue
(DS targets used in my you tube video, check it out)

Dave and Sandy,
Just a word of thanks for your great service in getting our 2 new plate racks out to us in time for our annual shoot. They were certainly the hit of the day. Those racks along with the Tombstone rack we've been using since last year are the centerpieces of our target collection. Your targets are by far the best designed, best built and sturdiest of all. Feel free to add us to your list of friends:
Dave Heinig
a.k.a. Cayuse
Territorial Governor/Ct.

"To the Nice Folks at DS Welding, Almost two years ago our club started a Cowboy shooting group and purchased steel targets from you to get started. I am pleased to say all items, targets, racks, and stands are just as advertised, and are holding up well to the weekly abuse of our outstanding accuracy. We are now back for more of your targets, and as our group expands I am sure we will return for more. I like to do business with people who make an honest product, Thanks again"
- Si Russell -
The Other Guy
SASS #45052
Range Boss
ElDorado Rod & Gun Club's
Hangtown Vigilance Committee
Placerville, Ca.

"Howdy - in the 9 years I've been involved in Cowboy Action Shooting I've shot at all types of targets. I must say the targets by DS Welding are the finest I've ever seen. All of Dave's targets are of the finest materials and workmanship. There is also quite a bit of thought that goes into the design. Dave's new bird throwers are a perfect example - they throw a consistent bird and are easy to reset. You can't ask for more than that. Chorro Valley Regulators have many of DS Welding's targets and they have never let us down."
-Cole Younger-
SASS #4237 LTG Regulator
Western States Black Powder Cartridge Champion - 2001
Nevada State Speed Shotgun Champion - 2001

"I received one of your new Single Cowboy Knockdown targets last month and my shootin pards and I "Uhhh'd and Awe'd" at the craftmanship we were looking at. Then we took it to the range and shot at it a few hundred times, each time it worked like expected. It was "A1" really good stuff. I just ordered two more. Thanks for the great product with great quality."
-Tom Frickell (alias Bill Munny)-
Skyline Hunting and Fishing Club
Littleton, CO

"We have just assembled our falling plate rack and had its first session with the club members. The consensus is that it is very sturdy, well designed, easily maneuvered on its castering wheels, sort of a work of art in heavy metal, and should last many lifetimes. You may quote me."
-Harry Sharp-
President of the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club

"DS Welding's targets are world class. They are by far the best targets the Steel Challenge has ever had and are an integral part of the Steel Challenge's success."
-Mike Dalton-
Executive Director of "The Steel Challenge"

Best targets I've ever had the pleasure to throw lead at. These targets don't shoot back!"
-Hunter Scott Anderson-
aka "Bounty Hunter"

"Best Targets there are. They have to be, to be the official targets of The Steel Challenge. The only thing nicer than the targets are the people that make them."
-Jim O'Young-
Competitor, Steel Challenge

"When you hear that "DING," it's music to my ears"
-Julie Goloski-
US Army, Competitor, Steel Challenge

"The steel targets by DS Welding rang like the Liberty Bell, they were absolutely flawless."
-Rich Richards-Rangemaster
Smith & Wesson International Revolver Champion

"These guys make the Best Targets"
-Steve Howard-Rangemaster
1998 Steel Challenge

"I've been shooting for 30 years; these targets are the best set of targets I've ever shot at."
-Jerry Usher-
Golden West Security

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